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Are you prepared and ready…? 

Below are details of things you can do to increase your familiarisation of the NRE over the coming weeks.

Free Training Exercises
Due to popular demand and following the success of the sessions for CPX3 preparations, we will be holding a number of ‘Exercise Hermes’ sessions over the next few weeks.  These sessions are free to allow users to practice using the NRE in training-mode.

Without having to leave your office you can participate in these exercises by simply logging in to the NRE for your preferred session. Based on specific scenarios this is an excellent opportunity to learn how to use the NRE to:

  • download and upload documents in the Document Store
  • create SitReps using existing templates in Briefings
  • utilise the Calendar to obtain specific information
  • send out alerts to colleagues using Notifications

There is no charge for these sessions that can be accessed from your own desks and last 1 hour.  They are available at the following times and dates:

  • 24 May – 10:00
  • 24 May – 15:00
  • 31 May – 10:00
  • 31 May – 15:00
  • 7 June – 10:00
  • 7 June – 15:00

If you would like to participate please log in to the NRE> Atlas Collaborate Training Mode and download the joining instructions for details.  For Internet users click here and for secure GSE connections click here and you will be prompted to login. 

NRE On-boarding Sessions for LRFs/Organisations
To assist you in reviewing and assessing how the NRE can be developed within your planning and response capability Ultra is pleased to offer complimentary sessions where LRF partners can come together to explore developing the use of the NRE through:

(1) NRE Refresher sessions

  • Run through the NRE modules, highlighting benefits of use
  • LRF partners using the NRE together
  • Individual organisations using the NRE
  • “Forum Group” in the NRE

(2) Planning and Response

  • NRE during the planning phase
  • Sharing information across partner organisations
  • “Pinch with Pride” Plan development
  • NRE during the response phase
  • -  Events within the LRF
  • -  Multiple partners participating in a single event
  • -  Briefings/SitReps on the NRE
  • Planning and Response scenario

NRE Training Sessions
For individuals that are new to the NRE or need specific Sponsor training Ultra holds regular Mandatory and User training courses in Preston (£200) and London (£315).

For details contact Dawn at nre@training4resilience.co.uk

Further Information
For details on additional licences or any of the above please contact 01772 907497 or email:  NRE Marketing.  




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