Integrated Homeland Security Systems
Ultra’s Integrated Homeland Security Systems enable total communication between all sensors, surveillance systems, C2 centres, ships, aircraft and vehicles deployed on land, in the air and at sea. The integrated system design ensures that essential information is readily available, centrally, to enable the operator to easily and rapidly redeploy assets.
Fully Integrated Command & Control (C2)
Fully integrated C2 System
Tracking and coordination of own assets for
rapid deployment and quick reaction
Integration of all current surveillance systems
Provision of one Common Operating Picture
Data recording
24 Hour Long Range EO Day & Night cameras
Urban CCTV
Radar Surveillance
Underwater Surveillance
Remote Fixed Surveillance Towers
Mobile Surveillance
Electronic Surveillance Measures (ESM)
AIS integration
Integration of customer owned or new
Information Management
Information exchange with other agencies
Management of intelligence data
Seamless Mission Planning
Decision making tools
Sensor fusion
Integrated solutions
Border Crossing & Ingress/Egress point
Own & Friendly Forces Tracking
Border Fencing & Boundary Protection
Emergency Response
Behavioural pattern recognition
Vibration, movement and motion detector
Biometric recognition systems