Maritime Security & Surveillance Systems

Ultra's Maritime Security & Surveillance Systems ensure that Coastguard and Naval platforms are integrated and networked, ensuring maximum Operational Effectiveness is available from these high value and highly capable units. 

Ultra's Maritime Security & Surveillance Systems allows units to build and share a common Recognised Maritime Picture (RMP).   Allowing all units, large and small, whether at sea, ashore or airborne, to both receive and contribute to the same RMP; enabling Tactical, Operational and Strategic action and oversight in order to secure a nation's Coastline, Territorial  Waters or Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), and to conduct effective Policing and Counter Trafficking operations


  • C4IS Systems
  • Networked Long Range Surveillance
  • Enhanced Situational Awareness
  • C2 for Maritime Domain Awareness 
  • Flexible Architectures
  • Scalable Solutions