Communications and Data Links

Ultra Electronics provides Secure Communications and Tactical Datalinks which are key to generating an accurate and current Situational Awareness (SA) picture of the battle space.  Providing joint service commanders with the optimum information required to plan and manage operations whilst minimising risk to civilian and own-forces. 
Ultra Electronics has developed a range of Secure Communication and Datalink Systems, and has significant experience in supporting the ADSI multi-datalink product for the UK’s armed forces.  Our Advanced Tactical Datalink processing capabilities support all standard datalinks, including NATO Link 1, Link 11A/ B, Link 16, JREAP, STADIL-J, and Link 22.  Seamless translation between these provide the true multi-service and multi-national interoperability required for modern NATO operations.


  • Tactical Data Link (TADL) Integration
  • Air Defence System Integrator (ADSI)
  • Data Link Processing System (DLPS)
  • Integrated Marine Communications