OSIRIS® Combat & Mission Management System

Ultra Electronics has developed the OSIRIS® Combat & Mission Management System, a highly capable, cost effective electronics solution readily configured for any naval ship, ranging from EEZ patrol vessels through to medium complexity surface combatants such as corvettes and Fast Attack Craft (FAC). 

Designed on open architecture principles, OSIRIS® Combat & Mission Management System is modular and scalable, enabling integration of selected sub-systems into one rugged, reliable and user friendly multi-function system. 
With the OSIRIS® Combat & Mission Management System, Ultra is well placed to provide a low risk cohesive electronics system, supporting the complex mission profiles unique to Maritime Security Operations (MSO) and Law Enforcement.


  • Enhanced situational awareness
  • Improved threat/target evaluation
  • Improved pursuit/interception capability
  • Effective reliable self defence
  • Optimised crew efficiency
  • Simple to use, minimal training, reduced operator fatigue
  • Maximum space/minimum weight in wheelhouse
  • Minimal cabling/simple mechanical fit
  • Maximum uptime and survivability
  • Low risk – proven Military System Integrator (incl. GFE)
  • Simplified supply chain – ‘One Stop Shop’
  • Low acquisition and through life cost
  • ‘Future proof’