Unmanned Ground Vehicles

Ultra provides the capability for autonomous equipment to be fitted to platform independant Unmanned Ground Vehicles. The autonomous equipment can be integrated to most vehicles independent of electronic architecture and provide the platforms with Mission Computer, Obstacle Detection & Avoidance, Navigation, Control, Video Decoding and Power Management.  

Typical payloads that Ultra provides for its Unmanned Ground Vehicles include surveillance cameras - day & night, two way audio - voice & sound, radar for object detection, non-lethal weapon - smoke generators, CS gas etc. and panoramic surveillance.  Additional payloads include tele-operated observation mast, stabilized gimbals, laser pointer/marking devices, hostile fire detection sensors, mm Wave Radar and electronic warfare and counter-measures.


  • Base Protection
  • Route Proving
  • Reconnaissance
  • Securing Forward Landing Zones
  • Combat Logistic Support
  • Environmental / Air Quality Monitoring