Offshore Oil & Gas Security & Safety

Ultra's Offshore Oil & Gas Security and Safety Systems are designed specifically to assist offshore oil & gas operators with concerns for the security and safety of their offshore assets. These concerns specifically relate to the threats posed by marine traffic and vessels.

Ultra's Offshore Oil & Gas Security and Safety Systems can track vessels up to a range of 25 nautical miles (NM) off an offshore/onshore installation. Tracking of vessels is fully automatic and is unaffected by changes in weather and sea conditions. Radar track data is transmitted via a network or radio link to platform display modules, local and remote control rooms (offshore or onshore), and/or any Company operated vessel within 35 NM of the system.


  • Radar Surveillance and Security Systems
  • Man Overboard Systems
  • Maritime Rescue Command and Control Systems
  • Emergency Response Craft (Vessel and Helicopter)