Border Surveillance & Security

Ultra Electronics provide total Border Surveillance and Security Systems integrating 24 hour border sensors (including a range of unattended ground sensors), various land radars, long range EO systems and communications.  Our systems enable effective detection, recognition, identification and tracking of personnel or targets moving on the surface or flying at low altitude over land near a border or around the coast in order to protect a nation's borders or the sensitive perimeter of a critical national, military or civil installation.

Ultra Electronics Border Surveillance and Security Systems use  modular design techniques, to minimise risk and provide cost-effective, scalable solutions.   A system can be supplied as stand-alone or fully integrated into a C2 System for integration within Regional or  Central C2 Centres or mobile command posts.  Ultra seamlessly integrates data from multiple sources, e.g. electro-optical devices, state-of-the-art sensors (such as vibration, thermal or magnetic), radar tracks and satellite imagery to form an essential Common Operating Picture (COP).


  • C4IS Systems
  • Secure communications
  • Long range 24/7 surveillance
  • Information Management
  • Data Fusion
  • Integrated Solutions  
  • Flexible Architectures