Ultra Electronics' Graytronics brand is the world leader in marine integrated communications and boat intercom systems.

Crystal clear audio and high performance, under extreme conditions are features that are designed into every Graytronics brand system.
Graytronics Limited was acquired by Ultra Electronics Limited, Command & Control Systems in 2008.
The Graytronics business is synergistic with Ultra’s current offerings for patrol boat and RIB systems and enables Ultra to offer enhanced products and services to our new and existing customers.
All Graytronics systems are designed and built in-house to offer you the utmost reliability under extreme operating conditions - with the minimum of maintenance.
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Command & Control Systems
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Loudwater, High Wycombe
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Graytronics customers include:

  • US Coast Guard
  • Royal Navy
  • Singapore Navy
  • Royal Norwegian Navy
  • UK Army
  • Hong Kong Police
  • Australian Police
  • UK Special Forces
  • French Special Forces
  • German Special Forces
  • HMRC
  • British Petroleum