CBRN Area Monitoring

Ultra Electronics has been involved in the UK's National Radiation Incident Monitoring Network (RIMNET) for many years.  From its inception, during the initial post-Chernobyl period, RIMNET has provided continuous monitoring of around 100 locations around the UK using detection technology developed by our staff.  The system provides consolidated information and reporting incorporating meteorological data from the Met Office.

The users are able to interrogate the system and access information regarding population densities, geographical information on rivers, water tables and reservoirs, arable and livestock farming, which may be impacted by a radiological event.  The Ultra Team at Poole has been directly involved with RIMNET for over 20 years and remains key to the systems availability to this day.  The system is currently maintained by the Ultra Team at Poole, providing a UK-wide 24/7 service throughout the year.

Dockyard Systems

Dockside Monitoring Systems are installed as part of the Nuclear Safety case for Dockyards and comprise very reliable sensors with high levels of redundancy to cover for a wide range of circumstances.  Detectors can be positioned up to 1.5kms away from the Display & Control Unit and up to 27 detectors can be supported by a single system.  The Nuclear Safety Directorate requires a Safety Case for all nuclear sites.  Continuous monitoring is required if there is a risk, however small, of an accidental release.  Ultra Electronics provides the solution for HM Dockyards and supplies high integrity systems to maintain compliant and continuous monitoring.