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The Ultra Electronics' Atlas integrated suite of software have been developed over the years to meet the operational requirements of an organisation needing to plan, control or manage a coordinated response to any given emergency scenario or event.  The Atlas suite of products offers unparalleled situational awareness capability with a proven pedigree and extensive client base within the industries sections below:

  • UK Police Forces
  • Airport worldwide
  • Ports
  • British Nuclear Power Stations
  • Prison Service
  • UK Special Forces
  • UAE Special Forces
  • UK Local Authorities
  • Oil & Gas Industry
  • Event Planners
  • Sporting venues
  • Air Shows


The Atlas Incident Management System (AIMS) is our incident management system, delivering full tasking, message recording, briefing, situation reports and a comprehensive audit log.  The software has been in full operation for many years, and has been used to manage many local and regional incidents ranging from flooding, fires and public events.

The use of the AIMS integrated emergency management system allows a generic framework to be implemented to facilitate the response and coordination between different levels of management/departments within an organisation and its external partner agencies.


Atlas OPS provides a dynamic and interactive graphical display allowing operators to overlay and manage a coordinated response for both pre-planned and spontaneous incidents.  The software has been specifically designed for ease of use which is of critical importance in special operations rooms.  Operations under immense pressure during a high profile incident must not be hampered by an over-complicated interface.

Atlas OPS provides a visual communication and management system delivering a common operating picture at all levels of the command structure; a key requirement within the primary operations room during any incident.

Follow the link to our product sheets for more in depth details relating to the functionality of the Atlas suite of software. Or if you have any enquiries to any of our products please send an email to atlas.sales@ultra-ccs.com

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