SERIES 2500 Naval EO System

Series 2500 EO Sensor is configured for all system functions to be controlled by one operator, either from a Combat Management Systems multi-function consoles or from a dedicated EOFCS Console.  The system is automatic in operation, although the  operator can override automatic modes and revert to manual control at any time.




Series 2500

  • Integrated sensor suite, comprising IR & TV cameras, laser rangefinders and designators
  • Advanced digital auto-tracker with multiple target detection, acquisition and tracking
  • Intelligent auto-cueing for threat evaluation and weapon allocation for asymmetric defence
  • Multiple weapon control with digital gun lead prediction for all surface, air and shore bombardment engagements
  • Intuitive single operator control of multiple sensor platforms and weapon configurations
  • Open architecture for integration with any Combat Management System or weapon system
  • Modular designs for flexible system solution configuration and ease of maintenance

SERIES 2500 comprises two main system modules: 

  • Electro Optical Director (EOD) – the EOD is a precision dual-axis stabilised director fitted with a high resolution thermal imager, colour TV camera and 10Hz eyesafe laser rangefinder
  • Platform Control Cubicle (PCC)– the PCC is a compact below decks enclosure containing; servo electronics, processors and system interfaces

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Product Sheets

Naval EO Systems -Series 2500


Naval EO Fire Control and Glide Path Camera

Our References include:

  • RN Type 45 Destroyer


2500 Capabilities

  • Primary sensor for single or multiple guns
  • Long range IR, TV and laser sensors
  • Positive identification of surface and air targets
  • Automatic multiple target detection and queuing
  • Automatic target acquisition
  • Automatic multi-mode tracking
  • Accurate stabilisation and position reporting
  • Computer controlled engagement of air, surface and shore targets
  • Gun lead-angle prediction including correction for ballistic and meteorological effects
  • On screen splash marker for line and range spotting
  • Electronic alignment of sensors and weapons
  • Flexible interface to CMS and other systems