Dismounted Counter Mine Capability (DCMC)

Ultra Electronics proficiency in project management and systems engineering are demonstrated in the Dismounted Counter Mine Capability (DCMC) programme.  DCMC is an award winning project that entered into service with UK Armed Forces nine months ahead of schedule and within budget. Ultra CCS is the Prime Contractor to the Manoeuvre Support IPT providing the complete DCMC capability and is delivering soldier portable minefield breaching equipment combined with advanced mine detection, improved personal protection and mine marking equipment in an integrated solution to the UK Armed Forces.

DCMC will be delivered in two phases. The first phase, provides a new handheld mine detection system, improved personal protection and marking equipment together with enhanced training equipment and facilities. The second phase includes a man-portable rapid minefield breaching system together with associated training equipment and facilities.


Counter Mine Capability

Ultra Electronics is the sole UK Distributor for Vallon Metal Detectors, locating equipment, demagnetization devices and systems.