Integrated Electronic Architectures

Ultra Electronics prides itself on its extensive Vetronics knowledge.  For the past forty years, Ultra has manufactured and supplied the defence industry with electronic systems that integrate with a diverse range of electronic bus architectures.
Ultra Electronics is a member of the Vehicle Systems Integration (VSI) Team and is a contributor to the development of the publication & maintenance of the Vetronics Standards & Guidelines.
The Vehicle Systems Integration (VSI) programme is an Applied Research programme funded by the UK MoD. The programme is primed by QinetiQ, and is conducted on behalf of UK MoD.  VSI conducts research into vetronics architectures and standards that are suitable for military land platforms. The VSI team consists of the UK’s platform design authorities and prime contractors for major land systems procurements and comprises of Ultra Electronics, QinetiQ, BAE Systems, General Dynamics (UK), Thales, Selex (SAS) and Lockheed Martin. 

A major output of the VSI programme is the publication & maintenance of the Vetronics Standards & Guidelines. This was first published in June 2000. The latest version was released in October 2007 and is available for download at



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Vehicle System Integration and Vetronics

The aims of the VSI Programme are:

  • The identification and evaluation of open standards that will underpin the implementation of such architecture
  • Maintaining a close link between research communities and Industry to ensure maximum technology transfer
  • Maintaining a close link with the international vetronics community and, wherever possible, forming international collaborations that are of benefit to the UK