Geospatial Information Systems (GIS)

Ultra utilises various GIS products and technologies whether in our C2 Software, SIGINT or for Map Management systems.
Ultra Electronics has developed and continues to maintain two Map Management Systems MODMAP2 and DGRMS.
MODMAP2 is an archive cataloguing database system which manages, through metadata, a store of geographic material and provides comprehensive geographic search facilities to locate items by their geographic extent. MODMAP2 supports a suite of library functions including cataloguing, loans, recalls and catalogue administration.  Map metadata for MODMAP2 can be migrated from legacy databases and bespoke metadata structures can be created to deliver the customer’s requirements. 
DGRMS provides geographic based search tools which enable the user to determine how best to meet customer requirements for map products.  DGRMS determines when products need to be updated or acquired from external sources.  Through a pull-based workflow facility the system manages stock levels; plans future map production and acquisition needs; and manages the trading agreements between you and other agencies.  It provides product review and evaluation tools for assessment of maps.



  • Bespoke solutions
  • Oracle databases
  • Client & Web distribution based solutions
  • Windows based solutions
  • Integrated COTS