NRE News Updates


  • NRE Continuation of NRE Contract - The Cabinet Office, Ultra Electronics and BT are pleased to announce that the NRE service will now continue until the end of March 2014.  We know this news will be welcomed by users, not least because it provides more time for CCS to plan and coordinate a smooth transition to the forthcoming ResilienceDirect service.
  • Director of the Cabinet Office's Civil Contingencies Secretariat (CCS) Campbell McCafferty enjoyed his first visit to  Lancashire's Strategic Coordinating Centre since taking up his post in April 2013.
  • Over 1100 briefings being added to the system between the start of the Torch Relay and The Closing Ceremony of the Paralympic Games, following which 13200 notifications were sent to non NRE email accounts. The NRE provided a common platform for many off the Organisations and Agencies involved in the running of the Olympics at the strategic level  
  • The Olympics generated considerable amounts of information, which needed to be distributed effectively and securely – the NRE provided the means to do this across responder organisations and Olympics management agencies.
  • The City of Coventry Stadium (Ricoh Arena) with its 32,000 capacity hosted a number of football games during the Olympics and during each of these events the CSW Resilience Team, utilised the NRE to distribute their Situation Reports
  • Welcome to Luana Avagliano who joined the team as the NRE Team Leader at the Cabinet Office, Civil Contingencies Secretariat in September 2012 
  • This year for the first time the National Capabilities Survey will be hosted on the NRE, enabling us to include RESTRICTED questions. This is a great improvement for our respondees since they can use login details they already have and a use a system they are already familiar with
  •  Many NRE users will start using the system to share information during the Torch Relay
  • Exercise Red Optimus: practice event for the Games.
  • NRE utilised to post, distribute and share SitReps during CPX3.
  • NRE demonstrated during Welsh Emergency Planning Society event, Powys
  • Launch of Atlas Collaborate Version 2.1 is now live on the NRE! Login to start using it.
  • 6th National User Group meeting took place at the BT Auditorium, London. Chaired by John Harrison and opened by Christina Scott (Cabinet Office CCS), this was our largest User Group to date
  • Atlas Collaborate Version 2 is now live on the NRE! Login and start using it.
  • 5 days until Atlas Collaborate Version 2 is launched
  • Scheduled downtimeof normal NRE services from 09:30 to 15:30 on 11 February 2012. If you require access to the service in the case of an emergency during this time please contact 07841 235069.
  • Ultra announces Version 2release date as 13 February 2012.
  • Version 2 undergoes formal penetration testingand passes, ensuring the NRE is accredited and maintains the required security levels.
  • Ultra negotiates Version 2 release date and notifies the NRE community of the upcoming release
  • Final testing period for Version 2 commences
  • Feedback collated from CPX2 event and observations put forward as further enhancements to Version 2
  • Beta version of Atlas Collaborate Version 2 piloted for CPX2 event.
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