HORUS Naval EO System

HORUS is a compact and lightweight electro optical system designed specifically for small to medium sized vessels operating in the EEZ protection role. HORUS  provides 24-hour surveillance at short to medium ranges under typical maritime conditions. The system is capable of detecting and tracking surface and air targets, including small fast boats, swimmers, floating mines and low flying aircraft. It is a ruggedised “commercial” system that does not compromise performance or an in-service design life.



HORUS EO Specifications

  • Integrated sensor suite, comprising IR & TV cameras, laser rangefinders and designators
  • Advanced digital auto-tracker with multiple target detection, acquisition and tracking
  • Intelligent auto-cueing for threat evaluation and weapon allocation for asymmetric defence
  • Multiple weapon control with digital gun lead prediction for all surface, air and shore bombardment engagements
  • Intuitive single operator control of multiple sensor platforms and weapon configurations
  • Open architecture for integration with any Combat Management System or weapon system
  • Modular designs for flexible system solution configuration and ease of maintenance

HORUS comprises two or three main system modules: 
  • Electro Optical Director (EOD) – the EOD is a precision dual-axis stabilised director fitted with a thermal imager, colour TV camera and an optional laser rangefinder
  • System Electronics Unit (SEU) – the SEU is a compact below decks enclosure containing the servo electronics, processors and system interfaces, configured on PC104 COTS modules.
  • Operator Control Console (OCC) – the OCC is a compact desk mounted workstation comprising TFT display, joystick, trackerball and keypad. Alternatively, these modules can be supplied as discrete units for mounting in a customer’s existing console infrastructure. 

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Product Sheets

Naval EO Systems - HORUS


  • Positive identification of surface and air targets
  • Operator pre-set surveillance scans
  • Automatic detection and acquisition
  • Automatic tracking
  • Stabilised line of sight
  • Control of small to medium calibre gun
  • Intuitive HCI for one man operation
  • Ability to record video and data
  • Flexible interface to radars and other ship systems
  • Low maintenance