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What is the NRE?

The NRE is a private cloud, provided by BT and Ultra Electronics which enables the civil resilience organisations to work together in a secure and resilient web based environment - across geographical and organisational boundaries - during the preparation, response and recovery phases of an event or emergency.

Under the Civil Contingencies Act 2004 emergency responders are required to share information in planning and responding to emergencies and ensure that their actions are coordinated.  The NRE helps organisations to fulfil these duties by ensuring that key information is readily and consistently available to users.

The NRE helps to facilitate multi-agency interoperability in many ways.  Examples include:

  • Sharing emergency plans among members of the Local Resilience Forums (LRF) in England & Wales, Strategic Coordinating Groups (SCG) in Scotland, cross government departments in Northern Ireland and others, such as national/sub-national partner organisations and between neighbouring LRF/SCG's
  • Maintaining awareness of forthcoming exercises, events and meetings, and accessing related documentation such as agendas and minutes
  • Sharing situation reports and briefings between local responders, to enable integrated management of events.  Communicating situation reports to lead government departments and/or COBR, facilitating national coordination/action in response to an incident if necessary
  • Gathering and reviewing comments on new policies or plans before publications, and collating lessons learned following events
  • Managing contact information to ensure a single, up-to-date version of distribution lists
  • Issuing news and guidance from central government to local responders via the Resilience Gateway

The NRE is a web-based browser built on a proven, resilient and secure platform.  It is accredited to RESTRICTED/IL3 (as defined in the current HM Government Security Policy Framework).

The NRE is accessible via the standard internet, via accredited networks used by the public sector (e.g. GSi, PNN and RLI), and via the High Integrity Telecommunications System (HITS), further increasing the resilience of the service to the responder community.

The NRE is available for use by all Category 1 and 2 responders (as defined by the Civil Contingencies Act 2004), government departments and agencies, and other key organisations in the UK resilience community.

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