Vehicle Camera Systems

Ultra Electronics has an extensive capability for the supply of high performance rugged military imaging Vehicle Camera Systems in the visual, IR and thermal wavebands.  Both standard Military-Off-The-Shelf (MOTS) and custom built solutions can be provided, from short to long range, utilising a range a sensor types to provide the best performance price ratio. 
Ultra's Vehicle Camera Systems have been selected for many major programmes including the British Army’s Terrier vehicle and the Battle Group Thermal Imaging (BGTI) system upgrade for Warrior and Scimitar.




  • Canadian Coyote LAV-Recce vehicle – monochrome and hi-resolution colour cameras for vehicle mast mounted surveillance
  • British Army Warrior and Scimitar vehicles BGTI programme- Commanders colour zoom surveillance camera
  • British Army Warrior Capability Sustainment Programme - Local Situational Awareness Cameras
  • British Army Trojan engineering tank- ultra low light EMCCD night vision camera
  • British Army Mastiff heavy protected patrol vehicle- monochrome day/night IR sensitive camera
  • British Army TERRIER©  engineering vehicle
    • Commanders colour camera 
    • Episcope wash/wipe system,
    • SCPTHA-Surveillance Camera Pan Tilt Head Assembly